Alex, one of my candidates, interviewed for a Graduate Paralegal position two weeks ago and unfortunately didn’t get the job. He had prepared very well for the interview and the feedback from the meeting was very positive, but he was beaten to the post by someone with more experience.

Yesterday morning, I’m pleased to say that Alex had the opportunity to interview at another law firm in Exeter, for a very similar role. He was promptly offered the job yesterday afternoon and now looks forward to starting his new job and career in November. He had prepared in a very similar way, but the extra experience of interviewing greatly helped, as well as showing a real interest in the area of law (commercial property).

The feedback from the law firm’s HR team was:

  • Alex came across as confident
  • He asked about future progression and came across as driven
  • He seems eager to learn and we feel we can develop him further
  • Alex had gained work experience throughout his studies, showing determination and a hard-working approach
  • He really thought through his answers and responded very well to questions
  • He had prepared some intelligent questions for us

Alex picked himself up quickly after the first interview and kept a positive attitude, while also learning from the experience. If you’ve been unsuccessful in an interview, I believe Alex’s story to be not only inspiring but also reassuring to see how we can learn and grow from what feels like rejection.

Alex had the following to say about Aspiria Recruit:

“James has been incredibly helpful and supportive in my search for my first legal job. After I first got in contact with James, he worked very hard and was very proactive in finding opportunities for me. This was at a time when opportunities for law graduates were starting to dry up. Despite this, James was able to secure two interviews for me and provided me with great guidance and advice about preparing for each interview.

As a recent law graduate, I did not have a clear picture of the area of law I wished to pursue. James really helped me develop a clearer idea about the direction of my career.

I received and accepted my first job offer from a firm that I believe to be a really great fit for me, all thanks to James and his efforts. I highly recommend the service provided by Aspiria Recruit. Any law graduate who is unsure about their career path or is seeking their first legal job should not hesitate to get in contact with James.”

For anyone looking to secure a new opportunity within law in the Devon and Somerset area, please get in touch with James at Aspiria Recruit to find out how I can add value to your job search.

01392 346222

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