A few of you may have seen our previous bulletin back in December about Arlo (click this link to see previous article). Well it turns out he’s probably one of the fussiest candidates we have on our books. Arlo has finally decided (now 25 weeks into his time on the market) that he would like to follow in his mummy’s footsteps and work within the legal profession.

Arlo has been dedicating time to reading some of mummy’s College of Law books, in the hope that he can learn enough to secure himself an entry level job within a local law firm. As his daddy (James at Aspiria Recruit) works closely with many of the top law firms in Devon and Somerset, Arlo is hoping that he can secure opportunities to meet some of the local hiring and HR Managers for interviews!

While we love Arlo and think he is an absolute superstar in many ways, we at Aspiria Recruit do also feel that we have a responsibility to also share some of Arlo’s limitations, which are listed below:

  • Short attention span – Arlo can become easily distracted when focusing on even the simplest of tasks
  • Currently lacking a methodical and systematic approach, although there are continuous signs of improvement
  • Has a tendency to nap frequently during working hours
  • Arlo needs supervision at all times and lacks the want for autonomy

Please don’t let the above put you off though. Arlo is great at getting his way, so maybe a career in litigation (just like mummy) might suit him well!

If you’re like Arlo and are looking for your next career move within law in the South West, please get in contact with daddy James at Aspiria Recruit on 01392 346222 or email on james.kapadia@aspiriarecruit.co.uk

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