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Supporting the great work of Village Water.

Supporting Village Water

Aspiria Recruit is proud to partner with Village Water, supporting them for the past 3 years since the beginning of 2019. I am pleased to announce that we will continue to support Village Water for the rest of 2021 and into 2022. I believe that the charity makes a hugely positive impact on people’s living conditions in third world areas, using a relatively small budget.

Village Water is improving health and well-being for thousands of people living in rural Zambia and Mozambique. The charity work with local people, finding practical, simple and sustainable solutions to end the water and sanitation crisis.

Villages and schools participate in hygiene and sanitation training and are taught how to build and maintain their own sanitation facilities – toilets, hand-washing devices, bath shelters – from no-cost, locally available materials. They train local people, equipping them with the skills to become professional well enterprises and install community water points. They are a small UK team of 7 dedicated to proving their impact.

Their projects see huge reductions in diarrhoea and eye infections, illness that effects people every day, and help remove the barriers that keep young girls from getting a good education. When people are healthier with safe water near home, they have more time and energy for productive activities: children can go to school, adults can learn a skill, get a job and earn an income. Opportunities that help people move away from poverty and live independent, dignified lives. Change starts with safe water.

Find out more about their work:

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