One question I get asked by nearly every candidate I work with since the pandemic is “what hybrid-working is available?” at firms in Exeter.

There is now a wide range of hybrid-working options being offered by the different firms across the city, even as Covid restrictions come to an end in the UK. The pandemic has changed the way that firms’ employees work, not just during the pandemic, but moving forward into a new modern era.

From my experience, one of the first firms to react to Covid back in March 2020 was actually a smaller local firm, who quickly bought 15 laptops for their workforce, so they could quickly get people set up to work from home. They have since really embraced working from home and have showed that it’s not just the larger firms that offer this flexibility.

However, it seems more commonplace at the larger firms, who are now offering more attractive work-from-home options on a permanent basis.

A few examples below:

  • One of the large firms in Exeter are currently offering a model of working a minimum of two days from the office, leaving the rest up to the employee’s discretion. Most people there are working either 2-3 days from home.
  • Another large firm have an expectation that 60% of the time people will be in the office, with 40% of the time from home, although they are happy to discuss exceptions to the rule.
  • A modern, medium-sized firm have most of their workforce working from home for 3 days per week, with the other 2 days in the office.
  • Another large firm in Exeter haven’t quite defined what they’re going to do, post-Covid, but they are offering people lots of flexibility in their working week.

Some of the smaller firms are also being extremely flexible, but some others are finding it very challenging to keep that team culture and environment positive, when there are only a few people in the office each day. I’m not sure what the solution to this is, other than embracing the technology available, as most people do seem to enjoy and want the balance in their working life. Ultimately, it’s the firms offering a hybrid-working pattern that are finding it “easier” (not easy) to attract staff.

If you’d like to find out more about hybrid-working at some of the law firms in Exeter, please get in touch with James at Aspiria Recruit on 01392 346222 or

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