Recently, I’ve had a number of candidates attending interviews with more than one law firm at a time, often resulting in multiple job offers. However, it’s very rare that these offers come through on the same day… or even the same week!

This is a massive challenge for anyone… how do you keep an employer waiting after they’ve offered you a job, without making them feel like they’re not the first choice, or possibly even without offending them?!

The reality is, law firms in the Southwest are normally very aware that there is a shortage of good lawyers in the area, meaning that they understand that candidates will want to assess their options before making a final decision.

Only two weeks ago, one of my candidates was offered a job, which they kept “on ice” for a few days while attending other interviews, before deciding that this original offer is the one he wanted to proceed with. 🙋🏻‍♂️

So I guess my message to candidates is… as long as it is managed, communicated and handled properly (I can help with this), most firms will wait a week or so for someone to attend other interviews before expecting a decision. Most employers are very patient.

My message to the law firms is to not lose all hope should candidates still want to attend other interviews… very often, candidates just want to back-up their decision to join, by exploring other options that aren’t quite right for them. It’s important to make candidates feel wanted and to communicate throughout the process, which often makes a huge difference with their decision.

It goes without saying, the communication and the way these situations are handled is the key from both parties; something I can help you to manage. 🙂

If you are looking to secure a new career opportunity in the Southwest’s legal sector, please get in touch for a confidential chat, so that we can discuss options and put together a plan of action of how I can support you!

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