Searching for a new job can be a tough process to go through. We can question ourselves and sometimes even doubt ourselves, but it’s very natural to feel this way.

Karen Lewis recently secured a new job via Aspiria Recruit, doing incredibly well to stand out from the crowd. Karen was one of six candidates that interviewed for the position and she describes below her journey through the whole process: 

1. What made you apply for the vacancy?

I was looking for a change from my previous role as Receptionist at a Doctors surgery. I wasn’t desperate to leave, but I was finding my position quite challenging and emotionally draining and I also wanted something a bit closer to home. The description for the advert for a Solicitors receptionist was exactly what I was looking for, giving excellent details regarding the position. I had previously never used an agency before, but I applied immediately.

2. How did you go about preparing for the interview?

I received a date for my interview which did make me worry a bit, as I hadn’t had an interview for nearly 5 years. I am a fairly confident person, but I was more than happy that James from the agency was there to offer me some good ideas and tips to help me prepare, ranging from most importantly finding out about the company I had applied too, thinking about how my skills would fit the job description and thinking about a few questions I would like to ask. James also rang me the evening before my interview to see if there was anything I needed help with, or if I was struggling with anything that I needed to prepare for my interview, which I was very grateful for as I needed a few ideas regarding questions to ask if they had covered everything. He was able to give me a few ideas for this.

3. How did the interview go?

I attended my interview feeling quite confident but soon realised when I got there that I was actually quite nervous, which isn’t normally like me, even though it was fairly informal. Therefore, I was extremely grateful for all of James’ excellent advice regarding preparation. Everything he advised and helped me with was mentioned during my interview and I felt grateful that I had prepared myself to have some knowledgeable answers.

4. After the interview, did you think you’d done enough to secure the position?

When I walked away from my interview, I did feel that I had done my best, but I wasn’t confident enough to think that I had secured the position at all. It had been a fairly short interview and I just remember wondering if I should have said more, even though I did feel I had answered all of their questions and also asked a few of my own.

5. Why do you think you were successful in being offered the position?

I would like to think that I secured the position because I was openly honest and had researched the company I had applied to, showing them that I was as interested in them as I was in securing the role for myself. I would like to think that perhaps through dressing appropriately for the position, smart clothes, not expensive clothes and smiling, making lots of eye contact and sitting up straight, listening and taking in what I was being asked and being interested in what I was being told, as well as my previous experience and knowledge, that all of this helped me to secure what essentially is my dream job.

If you’re looking for a new job and interested in having an informal chat, please get in touch with James on 01392 346222 or


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