At Aspiria, we believe in not just finding jobs for our candidates but in sculpting success stories. Today, we are honoured to share a remarkable journey from one of our candidates, highlighting the unwavering support and commitment we offer.


I was already in a legal role when I requested a call back from Aspiria. I don’t even think 24 hours had passed before getting a call from Steph. At first, I wasn’t really hopeful about finding a new job and was pretty anxious about going through the whole process again. Steph asked questions about what I was looking for in a job, things like distance, size of the firm, area of law…and she mentioned that she had an upcoming role that I might be interested in, and would forward my CV.

The next time I spoke to Steph she told me I had been invited for an interview. At this point I was so nervous, but she did so well in reassuring and congratulating me. Steph was absolutely brilliant in helping me get my foot in the door! She then went on maternity leave, but made sure I was left in good hands. It really felt like she cared for my success with this application.

James oversaw my journey through 2 interviews. The interview prep for no.1 was incredible. I’ve never had someone boost my confidence so much. Interview prep for no.2 was even better. James managed to use the feedback from the first interview to really really focus on giving me the best chance. By the end of the call, every possible question they could ask had been covered. Still, as an emotional person, the stress and nerves were getting to me. James and I spoke about imposter syndrome quite a lot, and he absolutely hit the nail on the head. He reassured me with all the positive feedback from the first interview, and made me feel so comfortable going into it.

Through the entire waiting process, both of them worked hard to keep me updated, reassured, and hopeful. Steph called me at 6 o’clock. I remember because I had just gotten home from work and sat on the sofa. She said she had heard back from the firm about whether I was successful or not, just as she sat down on her sofa too! When she told me I got the role, I could hear how happy she was for me.

Unfortunately, I was unable to start on my initial date due to medical reasons. I was panicking as my first day was less than 24 hours away. I messaged James late in the evening and told him what was going on. Immediately he replied, and worked through a solution with me. It made everything so much less stressful! Knowing he was fighting in my corner too made such a difference. Having to push my start date back a couple more weeks, James stayed positive for me where I really struggled to. He made sure to call and email, and keep the firm updated. He also made sure I was doing the same.

An extra month of Steph and James having to deal with my unpredictable health went by, and eventually, I started in my role. I could not have even imagined this opportunity for myself, but it was definitely a dream made true. I can’t express my gratitude and thanks to both Steph and James at Aspiria. It was constant support in times where I really really needed it. I always felt like I could have a down-to-earth conversation with them both, as well as conquer interview questions!

At Aspiria Recruit, our success is measured by the triumphs of our candidates. We are proud to be a part of stories like these, where dedication, support, and expertise converge to turn dreams into reality. If we can help you on your journey, feel free to reach out to James at

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