Covid-19 has changed working life forever. There are a number of people I have spoken to who have changed their working mentality off the back of the pandemic. People are looking at ways to rebalance their working life and are trying to find ways to offer them more of a life outside of work.

While so many people have had real financial pressure thrust upon them, many people have been able to stay at home and try to enjoy time with family, whilst still being paid 80% or even 100% of their wages. Pretty good, eh?!

Not so for HR professionals, it may seem. Working in recruitment, I have daily exposure and conversations with a number of HR professionals, who have had to work harder than ever, in what can be a thankless and sometimes even lonely job, in order to get on top of the events that have occurred. Some may have even felt somewhat lost for what to do, with so much uncertainty happening. For example, the furlough scheme for example has been widely welcomed, but for HR departments it has been extremely time-consuming and challenging to implement, communicate and coordinate. This is just one area of many, that HR teams around the country will have had to tackle, as we have entered unchartered waters.

Giving so many people bad news, or no news, or sometimes good news followed by bad news… it can’t have been easy. Many of the HR people I spoken to have found these past few months extremely challenging and energy consuming.

So, next time you speak to your HR representative, make sure to ask them how they’ve been over the past few months – I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated. I certainly don’t envy the job they’ve had!

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