I’m over the moon to have received these “thank you” cards from two of my candidates – I was lucky enough to be handed one of these cards when going to catch up with a candidate on her first week at work, after helping her find her new job. I’ve then also had one through the post this morning and naturally, these things really make my day!

Since taking the plunge to launch the business in November, I’ve been extremely grateful to candidates for their positive feedback, whether it be sent to us through the post, on our Google page, on our Facebook page, over email or phone. I’ve taken a few minutes to outline what I believe makes us genuinely different:

  • We keep candidates regularly updated – there’s nothing worse than signing up to an agency who never update you and that you need to chase. If we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it and we’ll keep you informed.
  • We give sound advice – for example, the evening before every interview I will spend at least 20 minutes on the phone to you giving you as much advice as possible, to give you the very best chance of securing the job. This is just one of the many areas we aim to add value.
  • We work with fewer candidates than many agencies will – this is so I can dedicate more time to supporting you with your job search while giving me more time to add real value to your job applications.
  • We genuinely care – I really believe that what is best for our candidates is best for us, so our goals are 100% aligned. We will never try and influence a situation if it’s not in yours and our clients’ best interests. We want you to experience a highly positive journey, while we want to share that journey and be there to support you at every moment!

If you are interested in talking to Aspiria Recruit, please call on 01392 346222 or contact James on james.kapadia@aspiriarecruit.co.uk

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