Any legal recruiter will tell you how difficult it is to find good people in Exeter for their vacancies. Whether that’s qualified or non-qualified, people with legal experience at all levels are in demand, as there is a clear shortage of people available for the levels of work available at our local law firms.

I’ve recently spoken to a London-based Solicitor, who has 6 years PQE (post qualifying experience), currently working at one of the top 20 law firms in the country. Currently on a salary of £100K, he wanted to move his family down to the Southwest for a better quality of life. However, the top level of salary for someone with 6 years PQE here in Exeter is circa £66K, which creeps into the Senior Associate banding at the best-paying Exeter-based firm. Realistically, large firms here would typically pay circa £60K for this level, while the medium-sized regional firms might pay circa £40-50K. So going from the salary he’s on, he couldn’t justify the move down and will be staying in London, at least for the foreseeable, and I can completely understand why. However, it got me thinking…

What are the other benefits of working in the Southwest?

I relocated to Exeter from Surrey nine years ago and haven’t looked back. I have absolutely experienced the amazing benefits that come with living and working in Exeter. However, rather than reeling off a list of attractions, I’d like to tell you about one memory I have, which makes living here so special.

One very hot and humid August evening in 2020, my wife and two young kids were having dinner together, realising that we were about to put the kids to bed in the sweltering heat. Knowing that in this heat they’d probably be up for a good couple of hours anyway, my wife suggested that we should jump in the car and make a 15-minute drive to the beach at Dawlish Warren, where we swam in the sea, made sandcastles and enjoyed an ice-cream. We even managed to take a selfie of the four of us, which is one of our most treasured family photos, being from a day that will stay in the memory forever! Needless to say, the kids fell asleep quickly when we arrived home that evening!

I’m sure that anyone working in Devon will have similar stories to tell and I have to ask… can we put a price on having the opportunity to do this?! 

If you’re interested in relocating to the Southwest and would like to ask more questions, please contact James at Aspiria Recruit

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